JavaScript charts VanCharts - Warning line

I. Chart production

      Produce a column chart in the VanCharts chart maker with salesman as the category axis, product name as the series name, and sales volume as the series value as shown below:

JavaScript charts warning line

II. Warning line setting

      Click Chart Attribute - Style > Coordinate Axis > Analytical Line and then the add button below Warning Line to add two warning lines with setting shown below:

JavaScript charts Multi-dimension Coordinate Axis

      User can add any number of warning lines if necessary..

      We can know from above that the value of warning line supports equation, and line type, color, font, size and location can be set individually.

       Note: Warning line is not available for pie, radar, Gantt charts, dashboard, map and other charts considering their features.

III. Save and preview

      Save the template and click preview to see the effect above.