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      Scatter chart describes the trend of relationship between variable and independent variable. Data point is placed in rectangular coordinate system, with one variable represented in abscissa and the other in ordinate. The distribution pattern of these scatters (coordinate points) can reflect the statistical relationship between variables. It can directly show the overall relationship trend between the influence factor and the object; and intuitive graphic enables to reflect the change in relationship between variables, making it easy to stimulate the relationship.

      In the following chart for relationship between time and stock & fund investment, we can know that the longer your time frame as an investor, the higher the return on stock and fund:

Scatter Chart of JavaScript charts VanCharts

      Note: Scatter chart is generally used to display and compare numerical values, so its category axis and value axis are of numerical values, e.g. scientific data, statistical data and engineering data. When time is not a limitation, scatter chart is recommended for comparison among lots of data points. As a rule, the more data points included, the better the comparison results. If the data set has, for example, thousands of data points, then scatter chart is the best choice. In addition, data points are displayed as dots in scatter chart.

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