JavaScript charts VanCharts - Multi-dimension Coordinate Axis

I. Create new charts

      Create a new chart template and select default column chart in the Javascript charts as shown below:

JavaScript charts Create new chart

II. Allocate chart data

      Chart Attribute - Data and select Local Excel as data source, Product Type as cateClick gory axis, Product as series name, and Sales Volume as series value as shown below:

JavaScript charts Allocate chart data

III. Add dimension

      The sample above has shown several category axes. Click the JavaScript charts Add dimension button behind the category axis and add a new category axis of Region in the chart maker as shown below:

JavaScript charts Add dimension

      Note: Maximum number of category axes is 3 and can only be applied to column and line charts. Other types of chart can only have one category axis. In addition, several category axes can only support "regular" data. Take the sample above as example: each region must have the same product types, in this case, both East China and North China can only have products A, B and C.

IV. Set chart style

      When setting category axis style for multi-dimension coordinate axis, it only applies to the first category dimension, while the rest category dimensions are of default style (Microsoft Accor black, size 9) and cannot be changed. In the sample below, we modify the color of category axis name. Click Chart Attribute - Style > Coordinate Axis > Category Axis to modify the style of category axis:

JavaScript charts Set chart style

      Note: Same as category axis setting, the parameters in the interaction attribute - hyperlink and criteria attribute only apply to the first category dimension.

V. View effect

      When placing the cursor above certain column, information of all coordinate axes will be shown, and information of different category dimensions will be separated by blank space as shown above.

VI. Summary

      Multi-dimension coordinate axis is to achieve multi-dimension statistics by adding a number of category axes (maximum of 3 axes), and it only applies to column and line charts. Data sheet and coordinate axis cannot be scaled for multi-dimension coordinate axis. Only "regular" data can be used for multi-dimension coordinate axis.