VanCharts is a javascript chart library for Web, Mobile & Apps. It provides a revolutionary tool - chart maker which is provided for visualized design and JS code exporting.

      VanCharts iOS/Android native chart library has fully utilized features of native mobile apps to achieve higher loading speed, natural interactive effect and gorgeous chart effect. It caters to user's need for visual presentation in native apps and will make them more splendid with cool dynamic effects.

      Compared with similar products, VanCharts owns more wide-ranging chart types (including column chart, bar chart, line chart, area chart, pie chart, doughnut chart, Gantt chart, stock chart, map, and GIS map.), diversified style setting, reasonable color matching and practical functions and features. Proper charts can be inserted into user's projects via simple API call and resource (JS/Android_jar/iOS_framework) reference.

      1. Compatibility in all platforms.

      Perfect support for various platforms and browsers. HTML5 conforming cross-platform development and application supported. Javascript chart library VanCharts is based on Canvas but is compatible with all existing browsers, including Safari, Chrome, IE6+ and firefox. Compared with normal JS chart libraries, it is optimized in reading speed, fluency and stability, to maximize satisfaction of different needs of users.

      2. Various chart types and gorgeous effects.

      Javascript Charts VanCharts support over 30 chart types, including bar chart, line chart, pie chart, doughnut chart, map, GIS map, Gantt chart.

      Free choice of 4 graphic styles and 10 professional color schemes, and yes, customizable!

      3D graphic illustration supported

      See the Javascript charts Demo:

Column Chart
column chart column series chart negative column chart
stacked column chart 100% stacked column chart 3D column chart
3D stacked column chart
Line Chart
line chart marker line chart series marker line chart
curve chart forecast chart
Area Chart
area chart stacked area chart 100% stacked area chart
3D area Chart
Pie & Donut Chart
pie chart pie with labels chart 3D pie chart
second pie chart second pie chart 2 donut chart
3D donut chart
Scatter & Bubble Chart
scatter chart stacked area chart bubble chart
negative bubble chart
Gauge Chart
gauge chart gauge chart 2 gauge chart 3
Radar Chart
radar chart radar chart 2
Custom Chart
custom chart custom chart with datasheet
JavaScript Maps Chart
Europe map chart world map chart
gantt chart range chart
VanCharts charts overview

      3. Data display in multiple forms.

      Javascript Charts VanCharts supports text, value, time, date, percentage, scientific notation, etc.

      4. Strong data analysis.

      Including legend switch, data hotspot tip, chart linkage, auto refresh at regular time, series drag, drill down and scale.

      5. Simple integration.

      Quick integration of charts by referring to resource files of VanCharts in the project.

      6. iOS/Android Native Chart Library

      Javascript Charts VanCharts supports two ways of integration in mobile terminals: web and native. Aside from JS chart library, VanCharts also supplies iOS and Android native charts library for users to integrate into native apps. Enjoy faster loading, clearer detail rendering and better graphics illustration effect! Cool native animation to create extraordinary experience in mobile apps!

      Free download Ios native Charts and Android native Charts

      7. Easy, quick and very creative designing - Chart Maker.

      Apart from API call of codes, VanCharts also provides a revolutionary tool - chart maker with editing work done in visual interface.

      Seek for open-source JS - work out APT - modify codes based on needs - call for projects. This is the current development mode, yet wasting large volumes of time and energy of developers. VanCharts chart maker is a visual charts editor, which can import data, correlate data sources, choose charts and set parameters in interfaces based on actual needs as well as adjusting multiple styles and coloring. Attributes of designed charts in the chart maker can be converted into JS codes to be called by copying JS codes in just one click and they will be easily pasted into the project. In this way, user can save the learning cost and improve the project efficiency to a great extend.

      The chart maker provides three different data sources: local EXCEL, on-line JSON and built-in dataset.

      Chart Maker Details

      VanCharts chart maker overview:

VanCharts chart maker overview

Rich reporting capabilities

      1. Tips on dynamic data point

      The combination of charts and data provides higher accuracy for user to present data. Users can choose tooltip with two different styles (background in black and white), and html parsing is possible.

JavaScript chart library VanCharts charts-dynamic data point

      2. Dynamic legend switch

      When previewing a chart, the user can click to show or hide the series as required in the analysis. Add-in during initialization may be defined.

JavaScript chart library VanCharts-dynamic legend switch

      3. Draft lines in pie chart

      By the algorithm built in JavaScript charts VanCharts, the position of draft lines in a pie chart will be optimized and adjusted automatically to present the labels more artistically.

JavaScript chart library VanCharts-draft lines

      4. Multiple axes are possible in combined charts

JavaScript chart library VanCharts-combined charts

      5. Adjustment of gradient and interval of category axis labels to have appropriate label length.

JavaScript chart library VanCharts-category axis labels

      6. Trend line and warning line in charts

      Trend lines help to analyze data trend visually and JavaScript charts VanCharts supports fitting various trend lines.

      Warning lines are used to analyze the progress of a target, which can be customized in terms of font, color, value, etc..

JavaScript chart library VanCharts-warning line

      7. Scaling chart

      Coordinate axis scaling control is generated for the scaling chart area, so that the user can preview data from different dimensions. Scaling is also possible with the mouse to directly select an area.

JavaScript chart library VanCharts-scaling chart

      8. Reversed coordinate axis

      Coordinate axis direction in charts can be set to make a chart of the reversed category axis or value axis. Reversed coordinate axis is often adopted to make special charts.

JavaScript chart library VanCharts-reversed coordinate axis

      9. Real-time refresh

      Update the latest data from the background and refresh the chart through continuous animation. It is suitable for the display of monitoring charts.

      10. Series drag

      When the user previews a chart, dragging, merging or deletion of series may be performed during the analysis. It is characteristic of JavaScript chart library VanCharts that to empower end users in the operation of charts.

      11. Map

      An svg map may be customized. A map can be scaled and a smart heating power legend is provided. In addition, multilayer drilling map can be made with JavaScript chart library Vancharts.

JavaScript chart library VanCharts-map

      12. 10 build-in professional color schemes and 4 styles meet the demands of different users.

JavaScript chart library VanCharts-setcolor

      13. Diagram hyperlink

      Click a graph to open the corresponding webpage. Charts parameters (including category name, series name, value, etc.) can be transmitted.

JavaScript chart library VanCharts-Diagram hyperlink