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      Gantt chart, also known as bar chart, was developed by Henry Gantt in 1917. It is basically a bar chart, with horizontal axis representing time and vertical axis as activity (project), while the bar describes the progress of plan in the whole process. It can provide an intuitive view of plan start time and actual progress compared to required milestone. With this, management can easily understand what have been done and what are left to be done for a task (project), and evaluate whether the work progress is ahead of schedule, behind schedule, or on schedule.

      Gantt chart is an ideal tool to present progress featured by simple, striking and ease of use, and has found widespread application in company management. Based on content, it can be divided into five forms, including: plan, load, idle machine, idle hand, and progress. It uses a common method to present the progress of activity in graphics or table, and includes actual calendar days and duration instead of weekends and holidays.

      The Gantt chart of Javascript charts VanCharts below includes 3 tasks of demand survey, function development and acceptance & testing:

Gantt Chart of JavaScript charts VanCharts

      It displays the actual progress of each task.

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